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Music Monday: But we're not sorry!
The drill: a rec post consisting of one music video, one song, and one album all centralized around some vague theme.

Today here in the US of A, it was Columbus Day (and my school got the day off) in honor of Christopher Columbus, who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Sure, he "discovered" the West Indies which is not actually the USA at all and yanked land out from under the feet of the natives in the name of Spain and Europe and stuff and killed off loads of the natives with diseases, but we like to give him his own holiday anyway. Just 'cause.

So in honor of the day, I decided to base my selections on whether they included the name "America" or "Chris" somewhere in there. Just 'cause.


Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects

If you squint, the song itself is related to Columbus Day in that ol' Chris's not-so-glamorous actions are kind of glossed over, y'know, like a dirty little secret that pretty much everyone now knows. But mostly I really like this song, and AAR have "America" in their names, and the music video is simultaneously a fun little spin on the take of the song and the most predictable choice for the song. It's a little impressive how it does that.


Grenade Jumper - Fall Out Boy

At first glance, this song choice seems random. BUT! To those who know this song, an alternative title is "Hey Chris," (like Mr. Columbus's first name) because of how often the lyrics repeat, "Hey Chris!" So it seemed appropriate. The song itself is one of my favorites from FOB's Take This To Your Grave, and it's basically about how FOB wanted to dedicate a song to their fans, and their buddy Chris was their only fan at the time. So he got a song about himself.

...And then a few years down the line when FOB got famous, there was a falling out between Pete Wentz and Hey Chris because Pete apparently fooled around with Chris's girlfriend and Chris got understandably upset about that, and....I have no idea where they stand now. It's a little funny, and by funny I mean sad. Y'know, that they were pals enough that the guy got a song written about himself, and then later on got betrayed by one of those pals. It must suck, man.


Living In America - The Sounds

Christopher Columbus didn't actually discover America, so why not finish up with an album by a band that's not from America?

The Sounds are from Sweden, and this album was their first (I think they just released album number four, which I haven't gotten a chance to listen to yet). They're dance-y, techno-y rock, and their frontwoman Maja Ivarsson is fierce as hell although her voice may not be the hottest - I think they've all willfully admitted that they're not that great at their musical instrument of choice, except that their keyboardist Jesper Anderberg is pretty legit. But yeah, they're a lot of fun, and if you're in the mood for upbeat not-serious music, then give them a listen.

Standout tracks: Seven Days a Week; Dance With Me; Living In America; Rock-n Roll; Like A Lady; Fire; Hope You're Happy Now; Riot


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