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Music Monday: We're a broken people living under loaded gun
The drill: a rec post consisting of one music video, one song, and one album all centralized around some vague theme.

I almost totally forgot about this Music Monday. And it's because I've spent the last two days completely engrossed in The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (I mean this in reference to the trilogy, not just the first book.) They are quite addictive, and the world they build is both fascinating and disturbing, and they are great about emotionally investing you in the characters and, given the nature of the books, making you damn paranoid about their survival.

Although if you dislike first person narrative, you might want to steer clear of it.

Anyway, they get quite dramatic in the writing and cliche at times, but they're very good and hooking you in. They've got many similarities to Battle Royale by Koushun Takami, one of my all-time favorite books, but the universe and the nature of the Games is completely different. It's actually quite frightening. Anyway, if you don't mind death in books, I recommend them. I've read the first two so far and am about to start on the third as soon as I finish the post. I'll probably be done with it by tomorrow night.


Let The Flames Begin - Paramore

When I began thinking of songs that reminded me of The Hunger Games, this was the first to come to mind. I suppose in a literal sense it references to "the girl who was on fire," and how fire was a recurring symbol with Katniss. But I thought of it more in the intensity of the song, especially the live version. I saw Paramore in concert once with my friend, and they began to play this song. On the album, I was never super impressed with the song, but live they lengthen the song and turn the intensity up to eleven. When it was over, my friend and I turned to each other and said, "Whoa." It was the standout song of the night, for me. This is not that live performance, but it brings that same intensity.


Welcome To The Masquerade - Thousand Foot Krutch

The horror of The Hunger Games is not just that adolescents from the twelve districts are selected to participate in a battle royale - no holds barred fight to the finish with one survivor - but that it's engrained into society as another part of the culture, a reminder of the power of the government to quell uprisings while the citizens are forced to treat the Games as a celebration. The tributes who must participate in the Games themselves are treated like twisted beauty pageant contestants, dressed up in costumes and interviewed and pandering to the cameras to make themselves appealing to earn sponsors to send them small gifts. The goal is not only to survive, but to also create a character that will appeal to the audience. It's like taking our reality tv shows and pushing them to a horribly disgusting level.

So basically, everything about the Games is an elaborate masquerade. And that's where this song comes in.


A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

I haven't finished the trilogy yet, so I don't know how the story ends, but so far this album seems to represent the the sentiment behind the books. Not the storyline itself by a long shot, but the world behind it and the slow burn of dissent leading into rebellion. The lines in "The Requiem" and later repeated in "The Catalyst" in the beginning reminds me of what happened in the world before the timeline of the books, the failed rebellions and the price paid, and the price those in the present day are still paying. The other songs remind me of the bleak picture painted by the lives in the terrible, messed-up world, and the slow build into an uprising. Once again, I don't know how the story ends, but I hope it ends a little happy like "The Messenger."

Standout tracks: The Requiem; Burning In The Skies; When They Come For Me; Waiting For The End; Wretches And Kings; Iridescent; The Catalyst; The Messenger


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