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Video: It's October 3rd!
.....Okay, so I missed it by like half an hour in my time zone. Whatever, it's still October 3 some places in the world!

I did more Inception Mean Girls! Finally! This is a super short scene, in honor of October 3, but it leads into the bigger scene that I'm currently working on.

Cady - Ariadne
Regina - Cobb
Aaron - Mal

Mal is Aaron, because my options were Mal, Saito, and Nash, and I like Ariadne/Mal a hell of a lot better than Saito/Ariadne or Nash/Ariadne. Also because so many of the Inception boys are girls, why not make an Inception girl a boy?

Next time: HALLOWEEN!! Guess when it'll be posted.

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LOL, these are great. I can't wait for the next one. :D

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